About Hangzhou

About Hangzhou

China is a major power source and confidence source of the world economy.



  • located in southeast China’s Yangtze river delta.
  • China’s leading province in private economy (Y2018 GDP: $766.7 Billion).
  • Businessman of Chekiang (ZHESHANG) is of world fame. Well known for market keen observation, win-win mindset & innovation.

The most beautiful and magnificent city in the world.

——Marco Polo


  • A city of entrepreneurial genes.
  • A city providing better work-life balance than Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
  • Capital City of Zhejiang Province, and core city in the Yangtze River Delta Mega-city.
  • Y2018 ranked #1 city for talent inflows (China).
  • One of the most attractive Chinese cities voted by foreign talents for 8 consecutive years.
  • “The Innovation City.” The capital of e-commerce.
  • Universities: Zhejiang University, China Academy of Art, West Lake University (private), and dozens of other colleges and universities.
  • Corporate headquarters: Alibaba, NetEase, Geely Automobile, Hikvision, Beida Pharmaceutical etc.
  • Ranked #4 as city for wealthy people according to China’s Forbes list.
  • World Cultural Heritage & 5-Star Attractions: West Lake, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Liangzhu Culture and Xixi Wetland.

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