Our Team

Operation Team

Global Startup Hub is under direct guidance of Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City Administrative Committee, and Powered by G5 Innovation Networks.

G5, founded in 2015, is a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovation centers,  notable laboratories, cross-border incubators and accelerators.

G5’s mission is to discover & develop tech-savvy entrepreneurs. We aim to support the evolution and growth of technology focused business within G5’s cross-border ecosystem all over China, US, UK,  Australia and Canada.

Our Mentors

George Lu

Founder of Zhejiang Hainiu Environment Technology Co.LTD


PhD in chemical engineering, university of Alberta, Canada.
Industry fields: Chemical, Environmental protection, Emission reduction.

Wei Sun

Founder of Zhejiang CloudmachineCo., LTD&Zhejiang Haiju Technology Co.LTD


PhD in automation and hydraulics, Tampere University of Technology, Finland.
Industry fields: Electrical, IOT.

Zhao Li

Senior staff scientist & Director, Alibaba Group


PhD in Computer Science. University of Vermont, USA.
Industry fields: AI, Big Data Driven Security.

Gang Wang

Chief Scientist, Taobao China Software Ltd.


PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, UIUC, USA.
Industry fields: AI, Computer Vision.

Zhong Zhao

Founder of Zylox Medical Device Co.


PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Hopkins University, USA
Industry Fields: Biomedicine, Medical device.

Xiaowei Pang

Founder of Tisiwan Venture Capital


Founded Tisiwan Venture Capital in 2010, and was successively rated as “China’s top ten emerging angel investors” and “China’s best angel investors”.

Li Xie

Co-Founder and CEO of Haibang Investment


Deputy Secretary-general of Zhejiang Overseas high-level Talents Association.
MBA. Rich business management and investment experience.

Jin Wang

Famous angel investor


PhD in Biomedicine, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA.
Industry Fields: Healthtech.

Oscar Ramos (Spain)

Project Director of China Accelerator; Partner of SOSV Fund


Provides product launch, market access strategies, mergers and M&A to startups and multinationals.

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